Mongolia – Overlanding Overview

This is it – this is what you have all been waiting for. Our 20th country!

Mongolia, the land of dreams, no roads, steppes and sheep… a lot of sheep.

This is just the overview of the things we did in Mongolia in the past couple of weeks. More detailed posts coming up.

1) For now enjoy the video.

Mongolia 2016

2) Our travel itinerary: Russia -> Kyahta border -> Ulaanbaatar -> Ghengis Khan Statue -> Mongol Els -> Kharkhorin -> Orkhon Valley -> Ulaanbaatar -> Dalanzadgad -> Bayandalai -> Khongoryn Els -> Bogd -> Bayanlig -> Bayankhongor -> Altai -> Khovd -> Olgii -> Tashanta (Russia)

3) And if you are planning your own trip through this amazing country then you will find useful our GPS coordinates and descriptions of road conditions. Big thank you to Heike and Danny of for their GPS tracks!

mongolia gps map


Blue – Hard offroad

Red – Beginning/end of paved roads

Green – dirt road, washboard, no pavement, annoying offroad.

Yellow – camping spots

Brown – things to see

GPS coordinates file – Mongolia 2016 Overlanding GPS track